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The Axminster Skill Centre course room is fitted out with an extensive range of tools and machinery. Courses are led by our skilled tutors offering students a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

All courses are designed to guide the student through their chosen subject in a clear, informative and enjoyable manner with plenty of hands-on experience. On many of the courses students produce projects, samples and test pieces that can be kept for future reference or just as keepsakes!

Generally courses are run to accommodate groups of no more than five or six students to ensure that customers will receive a high standard of tuition, while working in a well equipped and regularly updated, friendly environment.

Committed to maintaining this service for our customers, we are looking to develop new courses to offer a far wider range of both woodworking and craft courses as well as specialist tailored courses, in most instances taking into account many of the comments and enquiries received from our customers. We value and welcome your input of ideas and suggestions - click here to get in touch!

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